Most students today are using Naviance or other online organizational tools to keep track of all of the application components. Yet the real difficulty is prioritizing what to complete first and setting a manageable and realistic timeline for everything. 

The Common Application
While more than 700 colleges and universities now accept the Common Application, many schools still have their own school-specific application. Hence, students cannot assume that once they have completed their common application, they can simply push the "submit" button everywhere. ReadySetCollege insures that students are 100% certain as to specifically which type of application is required by each college. 

Applying Early
More and more high school counselors are encouraging seniors to apply "early" to colleges. It is crucial to understand the distinction between Early Decision, Early Action and Restricted Early Action (aka, Single Choice Early Action). ReadySetCollege helps students, and parents, strategize how to best take advantage of these options to optimize results.

Making the Application Shine
ReadySetCollege reviews and enriches every page of the student's application. No typo falls through the cracks, no inconsistency is ignored, no ambiguity is left in place. The final application is a genuine representation of the student's strengths, values, accomplishments, and dreams.

ReadySetCollege also prioritizes the submission of applications so that each college receives the student's application before the deadline. Other components, including test scores, teacher recommendations, art portfolios, and other additional materials are also managed in a sensible way so that everything reaches admissions desks on time.