Searching for College Scholarships Like a Pro

Guest Author:  Ashley Hill, Scholarship Strategist at College Prep Ready

The truth is that your student needs to actively search for college scholarships. The other truth is there are so many sources of information, websites, apps and books promising to be the one-stop-shop for scholarship opportunities. How do your help your son/daughter sift through all the fluff?

The first step is to design a scholarship search roadmap. No two students nor academic abilities are the same. Following generic scholarship advice will only take your child so far. To go all the way, your child needs to create a method that consistently gets results.

1)      First, have your child create a personalized scholarship resume. This resume contains all of your child’s qualities, special talents, volunteer experience, and leadership experience. The resume represents endless possibilities of scholarship opportunities.

2)      Brainstorm with your child about each of the above and create your own list to make sure that the resume captures all of the pertinent information. Don’t forget to include your industry or association memberships, local organizations, and church groups.

3)      Organize the information by categories (talents, association memberships, etc.) If your child has activities or qualities that won’t fit into the other categories, feel free to create a general “additional strengths” category.

4)      The final step is to turn to the search engines and local sources (library, school guidance counselor, etc.). Your child can take his/her scholarship resume and search for scholarships that pertain to the specific talent, skill or association. After completing this specific search, your child will also search for general scholarships based on gender, desired college major, geographic location, etc.

Ashley Hill is a Scholarship Search Strategist who assists families who don’t qualify for financial aid and feel overwhelmed about the escalating cost of college tuition.  She helps students win merit scholarships and parents gain peace of mind.