How does the New SAT Compare with the ACT?

The New SAT emphasizes critical thinking and reasoning questions. The test has two parts, each scored out of 800: Math and Reading/Writing. The Math section has more rigorous questions than the ACT, but it includes fewer math topics. There is also greater emphasis on vocabulary on the SAT and there is no penalty for wrong answers. This test entails 154 questions in 3 hours with an optional 50 minute essay. The New SAT will start in March 2016.  

The ACT emphasizes speed and focus.  The questions are generally more straight- forward than the SAT, but there are 215 questions in 2 hours and 55 minutes.  There are 4 sections, each scored out of 36: Math, Reading, English, and Science. All questions are tied to reading passages, except those in the Math section. The Science section involves interpreting charts and graphs, but there is less emphasis on science knowledge. The Math section included additional topics, like logarithms and trigonometry. There is no penalty for wrong answers and there is an optional 30 minute essay.

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