Three Terrific Colleges to Put on Your Radar

On a recent counselor tour of central Pennsylvania colleges, I was very impressed with three schools in particular --  Lycoming College, Juniata College and Elizabethtown College.  At these small, liberal arts institutions, students thrive amongst a community dedicated to their success.  On all three campuses, I felt a strong sense of vibrant student life, a backdrop of athletic enthusiasm, and a value placed on students exploring their own interests and strengths in a flexible curriculum.  For the student who will benefit from a supportive academic setting and tight social bonds, these colleges are well worth the visit.  Here is the first in a three-part series.

Lycoming College-  Lycoming ends in “ing” for a reason, students are always “doing” here, said college president, Kent Trachte.  They’re learning, playing, studying, performing, the list goes on. Indeed, all of the students we met are engaged in a variety of activities and they noted the deep camaraderie amongst the 1300 undergraduates here.  Student athletes abound and the wrestling and soccer teams draw big crowds.  Greek life comprises roughly a quarter of students, but there is also cluster housing for specific majors. 

And Lycoming has some interesting majors!  It is one of the few liberal arts schools that offer Archaeology, Criminal Justice, and Astrophysics majors benefit from a state-of-the-art planetarium.  Neuroscience is one of the newest majors and a Center for Energy & the Future is on the horizon.

Students Gain Confidence Here

Perhaps most impressive is the emphasis on student success at Lycoming. “Students gain confidence here,” boasted a junior, who highlighted how comfortable he feels visiting professors for help or just to “chill with them.”  And the faculty here is required to complete mentorship training, so that each and every Lycoming professor becomes more than an instructor.

Founded in 1812, Lycoming is actually one of the oldest colleges in the country.  Located in Williamsport, PA, the home of the Little League Museum, this school is a 3½ hour drive from NYC (4 ½ hours by bus).