The Power of LinkedIn for Young Professionals

Guest Blog: Sarah Sax, founder of Write for the Job

The rumors are true. Your future employer will Google you, and the HR manager will scour your online profiles. So, I ask you this: is your digital footprint telling the right professional story? While most people focus on presenting their best foot forward on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (all of which are important), don’t underestimate the power of Linkedin. 

The Adler Group said 85% of hires in 2016 started from some form of networking. Linkedin is the ultimate networking social media platform with more than 400 million users in its database.  Recruiters and HR professionals look at the professional networking site to discover new talent. If your profile is set up properly, Linkedin’s algorithm enables your profile to gain visibility with recruiters and hiring managers who are looking for your exact skillset. 

Beyond the resume component where you list previous positions and accomplishments, Linkedin provides the space to make your 60-second elevator pitch in the “bio” section. This can be the perfect place to show your personality before landing an in-person interview. It can entice people to message you to connect. 

To reinforce your bio and resume sections, ask a previous supervisor or coworker to write a brief recommendation for your work output and work ethic. These are valuable testimonials to how you contribute in the workplace – every company wants a team player. 

If you’re thinking about transitioning into a new position, take a look at how you can utilize Linkedin in your job search. The site features more than 3 million active job listings. 

Ultimately, your Linkedin profile shapes your professional brand whether or not you’re looking for a new position. Be sure that you are telling the right story and putting your best foot forward in 2018.

Sarah Sax is the founder of Write For The Job, a professional services company that weaves your personal story into your professional materials to uniquely explain how your expertise and skillset will yield tangible results for your current or future company.