Digital Content Can Enhance Applications

As if students don’t have enough hoops to jump through, now they must also be conscious of their digital persona. For years, we have been telling students to clean up their Facebook pages but today’s social media has expanded their online presence exponentially. And as Big Brother-esque as it may sound, admissions offices are watching.

So how can students use social media to boost, rather than hinder, their college applications? Online features that present a positive impression are:

·       An appealing Twitter page that suggests cultural engagement and intellectual curiosity

·       Mature personal blog posts

·       News articles about a student’s academic or athletic accomplishments

·       Mentions of volunteer work on the organization’s website and social media

·       Facebook Groups and Facebook Likes

·       Work that a student has done, such as designing a website

Different College Application Options

Some colleges are thinking out of the box and offering different application options. Bard College has instituted the Bard Entrance Exam, comprised of essays in three areas: Social Science, History, and Philosophy. Applicants have 21 essay prompts to choose from and must write four (4) essays each composed of 2,500 words. Now, Goucher College is experimenting with the “video application” in lieu of a high school transcript. It’s a novel approach piloted this fall.


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