The Personal Essay
Next to grades, the personal essay is the key element to a student's application. Admissions officers are seeking a window into the applicant's personality and hoping to glimpse his/her character, interests, style and values. Unlike essays written for literature and history classes, the personal essay does not follow a rubric, it is not formulaic in any way. The self reflection that the essay requires of its writer often makes it more difficult for students to compose.

Supplemental Essays
Many colleges require additional essays in the "supplement" portion of the application. Some schools have one, or two, supplemental essays and some have one essay and several 'short answer' questions. Regardless of format, all of these additional components carry weight with admissions and must be crafted with thoughtfulness.

More and more rising seniors recognize the benefit of drafting their essays in the summer, well before the true stress of senior year sets in. But even juniors can begin considering topics and brainstorming outlines. It is NEVER too early to start thinking about essays. Because they are the most time-consuming piece of the application, essays require mindful diligence and development.

ReadySetCollege brings meticulous attention to detail when coaching students through essay development. Franca evaluates each draft of every essay through the eyes of admissions officers and works through every paragraph to maximize its effect. The result is always a deeply personal, engaging piece of work that reveals an insight into who the student truly is.