All colleges and universities accept test scores from either the SAT or the ACT. The need to take both exams has become a growing misconception amongst students.  Many high schools now administer both the PSAT ("pre-SAT") and the PLAN ("pre-ACT") in the sophomore year. Hence, many students believe that colleges require both, but this is not the case.

The more selective universities also require SAT subject tests, but some will waive this requirement if the applicant has taken the ACT with Writing, as opposed to the SAT. In essence, testing requirements vary from school to school so it is important to confirm these in advance.

SAT Subject Tests
With over 20 different subject tests, students can select those areas in which they excel to demonstrate their academic strengths.  Typically, two subject tests are required or "recommended" but many top students take at least three. 

Regardless of which standardized tests students decide to prepare for, it is hugely beneficial to strategize the optimal timing for each exam as most students take the exam more than once.  This is especially true for students planning to challenge themselves with SAT subject tests as well.

ReadySetCollege tailors a testing strategy to each individual student's strengths and goals. Timelines are often adjusted to student preparedness and shifting interests so testing is an ongoing discussion in guidance sessions. Furthermore, it is important to recognize the 500+ colleges and universities that are now “test optional."